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Heartwarming stories and
everyday emotional skills

An Award-Winning Children’s Series

Created by Psychologists – Loved by Children and Adults

Fanni Emotions is an award winning children’s brand created by Finnish Family Psychologists with passion for supporting caregivers to raise emotionally competent children.

We combine compelling stories and charming, relatable characters with practical information about emotional processing. We both provide caregivers with the tools that they need to support children’s emotional development and teach children these skills directly. Stories are a natural, fun way for children to learn!

The Fanni series has received…

The State Award for Public Information, granted by the Ministry of Culture and Education in Finland
The Punni literacy award, honorable mention, granted by The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature
Copies Sold

Fanni Emotions is one of Finland’s best selling book series and most well-known SEL (social and emotional learning) series. The Fanni books have been on the Top 20 Bestseller list several years in a row (source: Finnish Publishers Association).

Fanni Emotions: An Overview

  • Seven picture books targeted for the age group of 3–8, each including exercises and a theory section for adults
  • Fanni’s Feelings Cards
  • Postcards and wall calendars
  • The Miu series – Board books for the age group of 0–3
  • The Secret of Being a Good Parent: a parenting book
  • Brand licensing: Clothing, playgrounds and play structures, and more

Emotional Skills Are the Cornerstone of Well-Being

Good emotional skills help build strong self-esteem, create and maintain meaningful relationships, thrive academically, and stay healthy. Children are not born with good or bad emotional skills – they acquire these skills by observing and interacting with others.

All emotions are important and have a special purpose. Children need two things to become emotionally competent:
1) Support with emotional processing. We learn emotional processing by experiencing emotions!
2) Information about emotions and emotional skills.

Many of todays parents have learned to hide and suppress their emotions as a child instead of learning how to process them. But it is possible to be an emotion-focused parent even if you are still learning these skills yourself. We are here for you!

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